Iron Maiden Premium – $8900

*Due to the current increased pinball demand at Next Level and pinball manufacturers’ production times, machines are available for pre-order only. Games listed will be going back onto the production line with their respective manufacturer, but may not be available for pick-up or delivery for 3-6+ months.*

Iron Maiden Pinball from stern 2018. We have Iron Maiden Pro and Iron Maiden Premium pinballs available. The game features 4 flippers and gorgeous artwork to the sounds of Heavy Metal Icon Iron Maiden.

The Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models feature stunning and distinctive hand-drawn art by renowned illustrator and Iron Maiden fan Jeremy Packer, a.k.a. Zombie Yeti. All models include twelve Iron Maiden songs:

Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, Wasted Years, Can I Play With Madness, Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills, Powerslave, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Flight of Icarus, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Fear of the Dark

On all models, players will go to battle as Eddie with the help of four flippers, two spinners, a set of 3-bank drop targets, metal and wireform ramps, a captive ball mechanism, a dual up-post lock mechanism, and a center bullseye target.

The Premium and Limited Edition models also feature an interactive sarcophagus ball lock, a motorized secret tomb entrance, a controlled middle pharaoh laser-cut metal ramp that raises to reveal the underworld scoop, a dual sensing Newton ball, and two custom Eddie sculpts.